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A proprietary solution categorically designed to defy the odor formed due to the desertion of concentrated human excreta in- sync with the notion for the Green Lavatories without adding any further aerosol/chemical within the covered area

Usage Plug and play
USP Sanitization, High Grade PLC Based, Toxic Gases and Contaminants, Odor Eliminators for extra Freshness, Safeguards Bacteria and viruses causing allergies, Multi-functional programming option, Low Operational Cycle to save energy, Voltage and thermal protection
Power Consumption 20W
Operational Voltage 180-240, AC 50~60Hz
Maintenance No recurring cost, Low maintenance
Exclusivity UV*, Ionization, Odor Treatment
Warranty *1 Year Replacement Warranty
Application Washroom
Safety Compliance  Safe for Indoor/Outdoor Applications, Safe from Electric Shocks

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  • Release Date: February 16, 2019