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The one and only real-time smoke annulment machine which does the re-conditioning of air by treating harmful carcinogens substances and ETSs. A complete solution for rejuvenating the Smoking room’s air quality

Usage Plug and play
USP Smoke Carcinogens substances and ETSs, Feather touch panel, Remote Control, Activated Carbon filtration, Pre-Filtration, Best CADR to ensure deep penetration, Odor eliminators for long lasting freshness, UV treatment for deep air sterilization, Real time air treatment indicator, Wall Mounting
Power Consumption 30Watt
Operational Voltage 180-240, AC 50~60Hz
Maintenance   Low maintenance
Exclusivity Real-Time Air Treatment, Various Capacities and Customization also available
Warranty *1 Year Replacement Warranty
Application Idle for smoking areas for Domestic and Commercial applications
Safety Compliance  Safe for Indoor/Outdoor Applications, Safe from Electric Shocks

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  • Release Date: February 16, 2019